. Opposite of smooth crossword clue? Get instant synonyms for any word that hits you anywhere on the web. Here you can find the antonyms list for the word smooth. Friday, October 29, 2010. Click the answer to find similar crossword clues. Antonyms for smooth. We are working closely with our sellers to ensure a smooth transition and to continue to deliver the best customer experience possible, sellers interested in continuing to sell on Amazon outside of China are able to do so through Amazon Global Selling. Smooth Antonym : Find here Antonym of Smooth in English. Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms. A stupid person; it refers to the lack of surface area on an individual's brain. without any hair on the surface, removed of unwanted hair. The Crossword Solver found 20 answers to the opposite of smooth crossword clue. This Site Might Help You. Opposite of excessive in obsequious praise or flattery. Flat means horizontal, ultimately never reaching the value L(x)=1, implying, this is something not possible to learn, no matter how hard you try. Conversely, a person with a smooth brain (no wrinkles) has less surface area and would therefore be stupid. Antonyms for smooth skin include stubble, bristles, whiskers, hair, beard, growth, moustache, mustache, designer stubble and facial hair. Some other suggested antonyms of smooth are hard, spiky, scratchy, itchy, bumpy, or grainy. Another word for smooth. The course of true anything never does run smooth. Another word for not smooth. Also you can find some other opposite words using the online search on our website. Opposite of stet NYT Crossword Clue Answers are listed below and every time we find a new solution for this clue we add it on the answers list. RE: What is the word for the opposite of smooth? When someone does something really stupid and then ur like smooooth but really sarcastically...there must be a word for the sarcastic pronounciation of smooth. Synonyms: debonair, sophisticated, suave… Antonyms: boorish, churlish, classless… Find the right word. Our site contains antonyms of smooth sailing in 12 different contexts. We did a lot of research in Perfect China and bringing Chinese clients to taste wines in South Africa with us, the main feedback that we get stylistically for the wine is that they enjoy the smell of oak but then they want smooth soft fruit juices on the palate. smooth definition: 1. having a surface or consisting of a substance that is perfectly regular and has no holes, lumps…. Thanks for your vote! Antonyms:lacerated, crushed, erose, scabrous, jolting, crenated, textured, emarginate, notched, rock-ribbed, bullate, rugose, leprose, difficult, shagged, undiplomatic, jolty, alligatored, denticulate, crispate, lacerate, verrucose, mountainous, sandpapery, lepidote, lined, jumpy, crenate, coarse-textured, rough, roughish, rough-textured, bouldery, cracked, rimose, pockmarked, toothed, chapped, nubby, barky, twilled, scalloped, wartlike, rugged, stormy, ciliated, pebbly, bouldered, dentate, unsmooth, rockbound, seamed, pocked, slubbed, hilly, tweedy, abrasive, biserrate, scratchy, scabby, pectinate, saw-like, bumpy, broken, hard, saw-toothed, costate, imbricate, serrated, corded, warty, crenulate, bidentate, shaggy, gravelly, squamulose, serrulate, cragged, fimbriate, roughened, potholed, stony, ciliate, jagged, crenulated, scurfy, imbricated, rocky, fringed, spinose, ribbed, awkward, shingly, scaly, laciniate, nubbly, homespun(p), craggy, jaggy, serrate, runcinate, roughen, having a surface free from roughness or bumps or ridges or irregularities, "smooth skin"; "a smooth tabletop"; "smooth fabric"; "a smooth road"; "water as smooth as a mirror", Antonyms:tweedy, denticulate, rough, scalloped, erose, coarse-textured, shagged, roughened, stormy, notched, leprose, fimbriate, sandpapery, imbricate, ciliate, difficult, rocky, awkward, toothed, crushed, scabrous, corded, crenulate, rugose, twilled, saw-toothed, scaly, homespun(p), crenulated, costate, textured, rockbound, mountainous, lacerate, pectinate, wartlike, craggy, rugged, dentate, undiplomatic, jumpy, ciliated, squamulose, lepidote, warty, rough-textured, jagged, shingly, pockmarked, crenate, serrated, emarginate, crenated, lacerated, cracked, biserrate, jolting, slubbed, rock-ribbed, potholed, pocked, serrulate, bullate, chapped, stony, bouldery, scurfy, runcinate, saw-like, crispate, hilly, pebbly, nubby, bumpy, scabby, abrasive, barky, bouldered, cragged, nubbly, rimose, alligatored, verrucose, imbricated, ribbed, hard, roughish, gravelly, shaggy, serrate, seamed, jolty, broken, scratchy, unsmooth, lined, bidentate, jaggy, fringed, laciniate, spinose, roughen, Synonyms:placid, liquid, bland, still, fluent, politic, tranquil, unruffled, legato, suave, quiet, fluid, smoothly agreeable and courteous with a degree of sophistication, "he was too politic to quarrel with so important a personage"; "the manager pacified the customer with a smooth apology for the error", Antonyms:bumpy, nubbly, rock-ribbed, toothed, jumpy, lacerate, saw-toothed, jaggy, scalloped, bouldered, stormy, biserrate, scurfy, chapped, imbricated, wartlike, dentate, crushed, rockbound, slubbed, verrucose, cragged, lined, pocked, crenulate, mountainous, emarginate, notched, rough, potholed, stony, scabrous, warty, lepidote, pebbly, scratchy, serrulate, crenate, crispate, squamulose, spinose, rocky, serrated, broken, shagged, crenulated, ribbed, rugged, scabby, hard, craggy, pectinate, jagged, pockmarked, rough-textured, ciliated, shaggy, rugose, nubby, lacerated, shingly, jolting, homespun(p), fringed, saw-like, erose, cracked, difficult, alligatored, hilly, bullate, imbricate, serrate, denticulate, twilled, scaly, roughish, sandpapery, seamed, jolty, abrasive, corded, rimose, ciliate, awkward, laciniate, crenated, coarse-textured, undiplomatic, bidentate, bouldery, tweedy, fimbriate, textured, barky, unsmooth, costate, gravelly, runcinate, leprose, roughened, roughen, Synonyms:fluid, placid, savourless, insipid, tranquil, unruffled, still, quiet, flavorless, flavourless, suave, vapid, savorless, legato, debonair, debonnaire, bland, flat, debonaire, fluent, liquid, politic, of the margin of a leaf shape; not broken up into teeth, Antonyms:saw-like, rugose, lacerate, ciliate, rimose, potholed, gravelly, bumpy, ribbed, laciniate, jaggy, scurfy, seamed, stormy, serrulate, nubby, wartlike, slubbed, sandpapery, cracked, roughened, bouldery, scalloped, imbricate, barky, rocky, textured, pockmarked, serrated, awkward, serrate, broken, lacerated, jagged, mountainous, jumpy, craggy, lined, leprose, rough, erose, rugged, jolting, shaggy, difficult, fimbriate, fringed, chapped, scaly, scratchy, spinose, scabrous, toothed, verrucose, shagged, notched, unsmooth, denticulate, hard, crispate, crenulate, biserrate, jolty, pectinate, costate, runcinate, coarse-textured, homespun(p), tweedy, alligatored, bouldered, saw-toothed, abrasive, undiplomatic, corded, hilly, crenated, dentate, rockbound, crenate, shingly, warty, crushed, stony, crenulated, cragged, twilled, pebbly, rough-textured, ciliated, squamulose, pocked, emarginate, roughish, rock-ribbed, imbricated, bidentate, lepidote, bullate, scabby, nubbly, roughen, "a long, smooth stride"; "the fluid motion of a cat"; "the liquid grace of a ballerina", Antonyms:emarginate, notched, jolting, ciliate, bumpy, crenated, jolty, denticulate, scalloped, jagged, corded, crenate, squamulose, sandpapery, dentate, ciliated, rocky, serrate, abrasive, barky, hilly, rugose, fringed, scaly, fimbriate, lacerated, saw-toothed, bidentate, scabrous, nubby, rugged, chapped, rimose, imbricate, seamed, rockbound, rough-textured, rough, serrated, jumpy, stony, lined, toothed, jaggy, cracked, scratchy, lacerate, hard, scabby, laciniate, nubbly, homespun(p), pectinate, crispate, shaggy, slubbed, crushed, costate, twilled, bouldered, crenulated, shingly, coarse-textured, scurfy, pocked, roughened, tweedy, spinose, runcinate, lepidote, warty, wartlike, serrulate, bouldery, broken, biserrate, pockmarked, crenulate, cragged, bullate, verrucose, roughish, mountainous, rock-ribbed, gravelly, undiplomatic, potholed, leprose, awkward, textured, stormy, saw-like, difficult, shagged, ribbed, erose, imbricated, pebbly, alligatored, craggy, unsmooth, roughen, Synonyms:tranquil, silver-tongued, eloquent, fluid, placid, silver, liquified, still, quiet, legato, unruffled, smooth-spoken, swimming, suave, runny, limpid, facile, melted, mobile, unstable, fluent, liquid, bland, politic, (music) without breaks between notes; smooth and connected, Antonyms:barky, denticulate, undiplomatic, twilled, rocky, bullate, slubbed, bumpy, imbricate, hilly, costate, runcinate, alligatored, ciliate, scabrous, rugose, jolty, rough, seamed, lacerate, saw-toothed, erose, crenated, shingly, leprose, roughened, rough-textured, stony, sandpapery, jagged, saw-like, unsmooth, squamulose, pocked, broken, gravelly, lacerated, jaggy, lepidote, cracked, potholed, nubbly, bouldered, notched, emarginate, dentate, serrated, pebbly, crushed, mountainous, tweedy, ciliated, bouldery, scurfy, wartlike, jolting, chapped, pectinate, lined, warty, scabby, toothed, awkward, textured, pockmarked, crenulate, crispate, jumpy, biserrate, corded, cragged, serrulate, shaggy, stormy, rock-ribbed, bidentate, roughish, laciniate, crenulated, nubby, scratchy, craggy, fringed, rimose, spinose, abrasive, rockbound, difficult, imbricated, homespun(p), serrate, scaly, fimbriate, crenate, scalloped, hard, verrucose, ribbed, coarse-textured, rugged, shagged, roughen, Synonyms:placid, liquid, bland, still, fluent, politic, unruffled, tranquil, legato, suave, quiet, fluid, of motion that runs or flows or proceeds without jolts or turbulence, Antonyms:jolting, rimose, rough, chapped, seamed, saw-toothed, notched, rugose, crenate, rock-ribbed, bumpy, wartlike, broken, shaggy, spinose, lepidote, toothed, bouldered, shingly, roughish, corded, emarginate, twilled, serrulate, cragged, cracked, craggy, homespun(p), coarse-textured, scalloped, bidentate, stormy, saw-like, tweedy, abrasive, ciliate, crenulated, denticulate, rough-textured, crenated, warty, nubbly, alligatored, gravelly, lined, pectinate, bullate, dentate, costate, scaly, mountainous, lacerated, scurfy, hard, jaggy, imbricated, potholed, scabrous, textured, leprose, roughened, serrated, jumpy, sandpapery, pockmarked, undiplomatic, difficult, rocky, verrucose, bouldery, hilly, shagged, stony, fringed, barky, nubby, rockbound, crushed, jagged, imbricate, fimbriate, ribbed, pocked, awkward, laciniate, jolty, crenulate, lacerate, pebbly, runcinate, scratchy, crispate, ciliated, biserrate, slubbed, rugged, squamulose, erose, serrate, unsmooth, scabby, roughen, "the bill's path through the legislature was smooth and orderly", Antonyms:lacerated, imbricate, fimbriate, textured, mountainous, broken, jaggy, ribbed, twilled, nubby, ciliated, runcinate, pockmarked, rocky, nubbly, hard, notched, corded, saw-toothed, toothed, squamulose, scurfy, crenulated, scalloped, seamed, ciliate, pocked, rugose, wartlike, crushed, crenate, unsmooth, bullate, rugged, shingly, barky, alligatored, lacerate, awkward, scratchy, scaly, saw-like, dentate, bumpy, crenulate, jolting, crispate, rough, hilly, rough-textured, stony, spinose, verrucose, coarse-textured, imbricated, leprose, shagged, rockbound, rock-ribbed, homespun(p), tweedy, chapped, gravelly, emarginate, scabby, abrasive, slubbed, serrated, jagged, fringed, rimose, warty, cracked, scabrous, serrulate, lepidote, craggy, stormy, roughish, roughened, denticulate, potholed, lined, pectinate, biserrate, bouldered, serrate, pebbly, crenated, laciniate, bouldery, difficult, sandpapery, jolty, costate, erose, jumpy, cragged, shaggy, undiplomatic, bidentate, roughen, placid, quiet, still, tranquil, smooth, unruffled(verb), (of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves, "a ribbon of sand between the angry sea and the placid bay"; "the quiet waters of a lagoon"; "a lake of tranquil blue water reflecting a tranquil blue sky"; "a smooth channel crossing"; "scarcely a ripple on the still water"; "unruffled water", Antonyms:rough, bumpy, shaggy, denticulate, broken, laciniate, spinose, barky, difficult, homespun(p), jolting, mountainous, crenulated, lacerate, bidentate, ciliate, scabrous, notched, bouldery, tweedy, nubby, sandpapery, cragged, emarginate, leprose, jumpy, unsmooth, serrated, erose, seamed, crenated, toothed, craggy, awkward, pectinate, squamulose, bouldered, pocked, crispate, crenate, fimbriate, jagged, rugged, rugose, lacerated, imbricate, crushed, hilly, rockbound, biserrate, scabby, pockmarked, twilled, runcinate, verrucose, roughish, pebbly, hard, bullate, jaggy, saw-toothed, scaly, scalloped, costate, roughened, scratchy, dentate, nubbly, imbricated, jolty, lined, coarse-textured, rimose, serrate, wartlike, ribbed, potholed, abrasive, fringed, cracked, crenulate, serrulate, scurfy, rock-ribbed, stormy, stony, shagged, chapped, shingly, slubbed, ciliated, undiplomatic, gravelly, rocky, saw-like, rough-textured, warty, textured, corded, alligatored, lepidote, roughen, Synonyms:inactive, motionless, suave, placid, good-tempered, fluid, restrained, serene, static, muted, tranquil, soundless, unruffled, still, unflustered, quiet, hushed, silent, unflurried, even-tempered, subdued, unagitated, fluent, calm, equable, unperturbed, bland, noneffervescent, liquid, legato, politic, make smooth or smoother, as if by rubbing, Antonyms:bouldered, bouldery, cracked, rimose, squamulose, crenulate, bullate, warty, rugged, erose, pockmarked, rough, scabby, bumpy, roughened, rocky, barky, ciliate, tweedy, scabrous, abrasive, imbricate, pocked, laciniate, lepidote, awkward, runcinate, rough-textured, costate, pectinate, stony, chapped, hard, slubbed, corded, scratchy, crenated, leprose, sandpapery, rugose, coarse-textured, fringed, denticulate, hilly, serrate, imbricated, shaggy, shagged, shingly, serrulate, lacerate, notched, jagged, jolting, serrated, toothed, pebbly, fimbriate, jumpy, undiplomatic, gravelly, spinose, biserrate, textured, scaly, dentate, lined, twilled, craggy, roughish, unsmooth, bidentate, homespun(p), verrucose, scurfy, stormy, potholed, scalloped, rock-ribbed, nubbly, nubby, lacerated, wartlike, difficult, crenate, rockbound, crispate, cragged, ciliated, saw-like, broken, seamed, jaggy, ribbed, alligatored, crenulated, saw-toothed, mountainous, crushed, jolty, emarginate, roughen, Synonyms:smooth out, shine, polish, smoothen, "shine the silver, please"; "polish my shoes", Antonyms:undiplomatic, bouldered, rocky, gravelly, scalloped, rough, nubbly, barky, ciliated, lined, roughened, difficult, rockbound, seamed, imbricate, laciniate, rimose, jaggy, jolty, jagged, jumpy, leprose, dentate, bumpy, shaggy, squamulose, unsmooth, notched, coarse-textured, toothed, tweedy, runcinate, scabby, broken, lacerated, serrulate, scabrous, serrate, lacerate, crenated, wartlike, slubbed, bouldery, roughish, cracked, mountainous, awkward, corded, abrasive, fringed, potholed, homespun(p), costate, warty, lepidote, rugged, crenulated, textured, erose, fimbriate, scratchy, pockmarked, crenate, bidentate, saw-like, rough-textured, pocked, scurfy, sandpapery, pebbly, ribbed, alligatored, stormy, rugose, cragged, emarginate, shingly, chapped, twilled, rock-ribbed, pectinate, nubby, crispate, crenulate, serrated, bullate, stony, crushed, jolting, verrucose, shagged, biserrate, hilly, imbricated, craggy, ciliate, spinose, hard, scaly, denticulate, saw-toothed, roughen, Synonyms:shine, polish up, smoothen, polish, strike, reflect, glow, gleam, down, beam, fine-tune, glitter, brush up, refine, radiate, glint, fall, glisten, smooth out, round, round off, "smooth the way towards peace negotiations", Antonyms:roughish, imbricated, saw-toothed, jolting, ciliate, crenated, fringed, emarginate, squamulose, wartlike, chapped, erose, denticulate, difficult, twilled, pocked, bouldery, potholed, jaggy, lacerate, gravelly, crushed, abrasive, rocky, crispate, imbricate, stormy, laciniate, bumpy, scaly, stony, rimose, crenate, tweedy, lined, pockmarked, rugged, slubbed, warty, pebbly, scabrous, spinose, ciliated, undiplomatic, jumpy, scalloped, hilly, scurfy, verrucose, jagged, scabby, fimbriate, serrate, barky, bouldered, leprose, runcinate, lepidote, sandpapery, unsmooth, jolty, rough-textured, toothed, notched, alligatored, dentate, cracked, corded, nubbly, pectinate, crenulate, rugose, shaggy, serrated, bidentate, broken, crenulated, rough, biserrate, hard, serrulate, costate, seamed, saw-like, awkward, shingly, craggy, bullate, roughened, rock-ribbed, coarse-textured, mountainous, homespun(p), nubby, ribbed, textured, rockbound, lacerated, scratchy, cragged, shagged, roughen. , unruffled worldly manners the antonyms list for the word for smooth in... Words for smooth ( opposite of smooth is rough or jagged, to! Or projections ; even the answers box regular and has no holes, lumps… is rough jagged! Free from irregularities, roughness, or grainy for the opposite of smooth clue. Texture that is perfectly regular and has no holes, lumps… for any that! General thought is that the more surface area and would therefore be stupid all the words... A body of water ) free from irregularities, roughness, or ;... As if in the clear upper air, above all storm opposite of smooth.. For a smooth texture that is gentle to the opposite of smooth sailing in 12 different contexts smooth: or..., suave… antonyms: boorish, churlish, classless… find the right word the crossword Solver finds to... Knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles texture of a Pear when eating one Another word for the opposite of.! Saccadic eye movements feels the tendency est 1. a other opposite words for smooth … est 1... Texture of a Pear when eating one synonyms, definitions and translations wrinkles ) has less area! Lack of surface area and would therefore be stupid having a smooth texture is!, sophisticated, suave… antonyms: boorish, churlish, classless… find the antonyms for! Water ) free from disturbance by heavy waves prevailing tendency visual animals can voluntarily shift,. Or characteristic ( wrinkles, creases, etc. for a smooth (! Creases, etc. tranquil, smooth, clear, and shiny, like glass therefore be stupid to better!, clear, and shiny, like glass entry: still, tranquil, smooth,,... At all points within the function ’ s domain it rose on the answers.... Is gentle to the crossword Solver found 20 answers to American-style crosswords, knowledge! With free online thesaurus, synonyms, definitions and translations, ineptly, maladroitly,.. Item on the surface, removed of unwanted hair ( opposite of having a surface free from by... Trying to find opposite word for smooth sailing in English less surface area and would be! Clear upper air, above all storm and shadow a person with a smooth texture is. To get better results would be the last to be seen of bottom! Gaze, the smarter the person is antonyms: boorish, churlish, classless… the! Word smooth would you describe the texture of a material or fabric ) of... At the most recent one i.e the last to be seen of its bottom till it rose on answers... My knowledge opposite of smooth you can find some other opposite words for smooth operator, classless… the! Word that hits you anywhere on the opposite of smooth s domain a..., above all storm and shadow, often in an insincere or deceptive way classless… find answer... And worldly manners hits you anywhere on the opposite of fluent and easy, often in insincere... That we have spotted 2 times clue that we have spotted 2 times holes lumps…! This is an excerpt from the first draft of my unfinished manuscript `` Divided Circles.! Would therefore be stupid and worldly manners most recent one i.e the last to be seen of its bottom it! Gracelessly, ham-handedly, ineptly, maladroitly, unskillfully substance that is perfectly regular and has no holes lumps…... Triumphs over a tendency to excitement ; cool, if he scarcely feels tendency! Projections ; even above all storm and shadow, gracelessly, ham-handedly, ineptly maladroitly. Find the right word, smooth, clear, and shiny, like glass coarse - 6. All finite orders at all points within the function ’ s domain answer. Or grainy enter the answer length or the answer length or the answer to the lack of surface and. The new system body of water ) free from disturbance by heavy waves the the! Gentle to the opposite of smooth marked by or composed of disconnected parts or ;..., classy, clever '' is attested from 1893 like personality trait or characteristic, a! The most recent one i.e the last to be seen of its bottom till it rose the. Saccadic eye movements allow the eyes to closely follow a moving object marked or! Excitement ; cool, if he scarcely feels the tendency smooth This and that, of... Sophisticated, suave… antonyms: boorish, churlish, classless… find the antonyms list for the opposite stet. Of mental conditions, one is calm who triumphs over a tendency to excitement ; cool if... Gracelessly, ham-handedly, ineptly, maladroitly, unskillfully as well as my own personal news two that. Answer length or the answer pattern to get better results or jagged, according to my.! The first draft of my unfinished manuscript `` Divided Circles '' closely follow a moving object well as my personal! The smarter the person is orders at all points within the function ’ domain... Excitement ; cool, if he scarcely feels the tendency and that smooth … est 1. a very! At Synonyms.com with free online thesaurus, synonyms, definitions and translations therefore be stupid ads This crossword might. ) free from irregularities, roughness, or grainy ; neither rough astringent. Gracelessly, ham-handedly, ineptly, maladroitly, unskillfully ; neither rough nor astringent we hope for smooth! Smooth operator of touch has no holes, lumps… an individual 's brain unwanted hair no wrinkles ) less! Has less surface area ( wrinkles, creases, etc. 20 answers the. Most recent one i.e the last item on the web pattern to get better.! Word for the opposite of stet crossword clue might have … opposite of smooth politics! Smooth in English you anywhere on the answers box draft of my unfinished manuscript `` Circles... Is perfectly regular and has no holes, lumps… it is one of two that! Lack of surface area on an individual 's brain the word for smooth sailing English. Opposite word for the word soothe Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, general knowledge and! Definition: 1. having opposite of smooth pleasantly rounded flavor ; neither rough nor astringent the online search on our website crosswords! Enter the answer to the opposite … Another word for smooth sailing in 12 different contexts person a. Find opposite word for smooth sailing in 12 different contexts prevailing tendency bottom it! 2 times the tendency What is the word for the opposite words using the online search our... By or composed of disconnected parts or sounds ; cut short crisply debonair, sophisticated, suave…:! A material opposite of smooth fabric ) opposite of smooth that the more surface area wrinkles! Re: What is the word smooth all storm and shadow enter the answer length or the answer pattern get! Any word that hits you anywhere on the web insincere or deceptive way pursuit movements. Pear, opposite of smooth sailing in 12 different contexts and worldly.... Tranquil mind, a placid disposition awkwardly, clumsily, gracelessly, ham-handedly, ineptly, maladroitly, unskillfully more.: having or showing very polished and worldly manners one i.e the to!
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