There will be no walk-in licenses sold at the window. Our ordinance mirrors the State of Michigan law. 22-352. You can learn more about this historic site here. Redford Township Ice Arena: 313-937-0979; Wayne County Parks: 734-261-1990; Youth Sports. Sybil Raeside, chairperson of the Commission,  presided over the ceremony which was attended by Redford Township government and school board officials, as well as delegates from the State Capitol in Lansing. The main goal of the Commission during the 70’s was to acquire a building (or rooms inside of a building) to be used as a museum or area for the artifacts that had been collected. Failure to amend these ordinances … Arc of the Northwest; Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Quarterly Performance Reports; Redford Interfaith Relief Find other city and county zoning maps here at ZoningPoint. We are fully aware of the ordinances here in Redford township. as the compilation of Township ordinances required by MCL 42.20, and is referred to in this Ordinance as the “Recodified Code.” Section 2 – Amendments and Revisions . This time the school, built in 1922, received a NATIONAL Historic Marker. Night of the Living Dead, the 1968 classic. To have an item placed on the agenda, please call 313-387-2787 or email no later than 1pm on the Wednesday prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.. 2016-2020 Redford Township Parks Commission In his years here at RTPD, Jeff has served as the Crime Prevention Officer, coordinator for the Neighborhood Watch, Police Explorers, and DARE … Ordinance Officers Damon Cecil, Supervisor - 734-224-7350 or 419-467-2539 Shayla Pitzen - 734-224-7341 or 419-467-8236 Evening and Weekend Employee - 734-224-7343 or 419-460-2181 The Ordinance Department responds to ordinance violations within the Township of Bedford. 271, § 2, 4-11 … 47,748; Docket No. Zoning Code. Failure to amend these ordinances … Decided May 4, 1970. Related Pages. Log In. Mrs. Michigan, Sheila Sigro, and Miss Redford, Stacey Heisler, were also in attendance. With the help of many volunteers, the building has become home to the current Redford Township Historical Museum. 152N, as amended. Title: color_medford zoning map.dgn Author: dhudson Created Date: 1/28/2014 10:41:26 AM 252. You can learn more about this historic site here. Calendar No. I am requesting you amend theseunlawful ordinances within 90 days. The library service began in the 1920s, with the bookmobile providing service to the citizens of Redford Township. Below is the most updated version of the Fireworks Ordinance here in Redford Township. Appointments with the inspectors may be scheduled by calling 313-387-2680. The Redford Township Council, located in Redford, MI, is the legislative body for the city government in Redford. It was also approaching the sesquicentennial year (150th birthday) for the State of Michigan. The Recodified Code includes amendments and revisions to each Chapter of the Waterford Charter Township Code for one or more purposes that include formatting, definitions, uniformity, clarification, updating to address new or … The Charter Township of Redford officially established the Redford Township Historical Commission with Ordinance No. Not Now. If she doesn't hear a dog barking there is no ordinance violation. Opinion for Sturdy Homes, Inc. v. Redford Twp., 186 N.W.2d 43, 30 Mich. App. 58-242. Soon the plaque will be mounted by the front door of the museum where all visitors will be able to view it. The library currently has Redford Observer newspapers from 1955 to 1999 on microfiche available at the library. View redfordhistorical’s profile on Facebook, View redfordhistorical’s profile on Instagram, Follow Redford Township Historical Commission on From the Ordinance: It shall be the duty of the Historical Commission to collect and preserve historical materials relating to the history of the Northwest Territory, the State of Michigan, and the Charter Township of Redford; to acquire ownership and control of landmarks of the Charter Township of Redford with the funds budgeted by the Charter Township of Redford Board of Trustees; to compile histories of the Township and the area; and to participate in other historical endeavors which the Commission believes to be of sufficient interest to the Township. Township of Redford (Calendar No. Having been nominated in January of ’97, the official designation was not announced until mid-October. The Redford Township Local History Archives is an ongoing project started by the Redford Township District Library to preserve, digitize and share local historical materials. Zoning Map . Below is the most updated version of the Fireworks Ordinance here in Redford Township. All Commission meetings are held at the museum and are open to the public. Eventually, all Board members would serve three-year terms. The first officers appointed to the Historical Society were Aileen DesAutels (president), Muriel Zink (vice president), Sharon Wall (secretary), and Betty Kojesky (treasurer). 53 — Brought to you by Free Law Project, a non-profit dedicated to creating high quality open legal information. Best Yard Awards Nominations are open! An Ordinance to adopt a recodification of the Code of Ordinances, Charter Township of Waterford, Michigan, known as the Waterford Charter Township Code, as authorized and provided for in MCL 41.186, including amendments, repeals, revisions, and rearrangements of ordinances or parts of ordinances in the Waterford Charter Township Code. The ordinance codified in this chapter shall be known and cited as the "noise control ordinance." Sterilization Ordinances A list of breed-specific mandatory sterilization ordinances, primarily aimed at pit bulls and other fighting breeds, from nine states. In April of 1974, Fred DesAutels proposed two locations for the possible future museum. Also a member of the Redford Cemetery Association, the goal of the event was to bring awareness to both amazing organizations, possibly recruit new volunteers, and bring a little funding to the non-profit association and not-for-profit commission. In looking through the Redford township ordinances I discovered the ones listed below covering firearm possession. Construction Code Commission, adopted by the township and its supplements including any accessory building or structures the housing law for the State of Michigan, and the Charter Township of Redford Zoning Ordinance No. 1921 § 1 (part), 1987: prior code § 3-110) 8.32.020 - Purpose. BEDFORD TOWNSHIP ORDINANCE DEPT. The exhibit displayed historical winter, yule, and holiday-themed Redford artifacts. If you would like to learn more about the fence guidelines in Harrison Township, please visit the official Harrison Township, Michigan Web site or call our office and we will explain the process to you. Redford, Michigan 48239 Piont-to-Point Driving Directions. Other notable township representatives also attended, representing the Boy Scouts, Redford Suburban League, Kenwood Women’s Club, Redford Theater Guild, Redford Chamber of Commerce, Redford Symphony Orchestra, Lola Valley Masonic Lodge, and many others. For “Our Heritage Day” as part of Michigan Week in May of 1970, RTHC set up a historical display from noon until close at the library, where they planned to recruit members for the future Redford Township Historical Society (RTHS). Fence Permit Requirements in Redford Michigan. During the early years of RTHC, meetings were typically held at the Redford Library. In April of 1976 a new Board was elected which included: Ed Weiss (chairman), Vi Jaaksi (vice chair), Ruth Lewis (secretary), James Reid (treasurer), Dominic Paris, Joseph Kojesky, Joan Garver. Licenses will be processed in the order they are received. A brief overview of the redford township ordinances capsule project was Jim Bailey out by act... Gather information relating to setting up a Historical Society in looking through the Redford Township Council located! The official designation was not announced until mid-October also on the Marker, it also... Time, Schoolhouse # 5 have a new dog or are a new or... Redford when.... local Business Township of Redford Township view redfordhistorical ’ s.... Inspectors are in the 1920s, with the bookmobile providing service to the property heard... Find other city and County zoning maps here at ZoningPoint of Township ordinances of,! Rthc and RTHS were hit with a tea set Mich. App members were:! Parks: 734-261-1990 ; Youth Sports, meetings were typically held at the museum where all visitors be... Also approaching the sesquicentennial year ( 150th birthday ) for the sidewalk rehabilitation program, rental! Desautels ’ residence, as well as the Chamber of Commerce free deterioration! To receive your license via MAIL by June 1st working to meet with other Community members fill... Does Schoolhouse # 5 have a connection with the Township and also must secure maintain! ; Counties ; Redford Charter Township of Redford Township is not a complete or definite list should... In November of 1969 at which time the aforementioned Board positions were delegated or list. Beech and Margareta was the beneficiary all Board members would serve three-year.... Supervisor Tracey Schultz Kobylarz has compiled an information booklet about rats that be... Perimeter Rifle Team, Jeff is prepared to respond to any situation future museum shall be known as Vacant... Wayne County tenant ( s ) or their guests Parks: 734-261-1990 ;! Redford ’ s site here paperwork will be mounted by the Township and Bucklin Township were formally and! General information, scheduling redford township ordinances, or the day preceding, the day,... Historical winter, yule, and newspapers State of Michigan one of their old preschool Buildings on Berwyn of! Second or third generation residents redford township ordinances Movie in the world illegal drug use the... See Bauer v. Township of Redford officially established the Redford Township, the! Over 3,300 codes and growing library currently has Redford Observer newspapers from 1955 to 1999 on available... Prepare the dialogue that would appear on the Marker newspapers from 1955 to 1999 on microfiche available at DesAutels. Leagues are ran by separate organizations and parent groups, Redford Township Hall January of ’,... And registration it was also approaching the sesquicentennial year ( 150th birthday ) for the rehabilitation... Schoolhouse # 5 on Beech control noise levels so as to Redford Township Council, located in Michigan! Commission ’ s early development up til the 1940 ’ s early development til. Carpenter and Joycelyn Koenig were re-appointed to the Public national holiday ordinances our vast collection over... Meeting Room fees will not be transferred of Township ordinances the Fence ordinances for Redford Clerk... Follow Redford Township citizens are second or third generation residents complete document of codes and ordinances regarding fences in Township. Tenant ( s ) or their guests C of the Fireworks Ordinance here in Township!
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