We have what we call a jack fish or chain pickerel in the south. Farther up the river, away from the city, in Berks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties, where contamination is less, it's safe to eat up to six meals per year of carp and catfish. You can fish these baits aggressively or finesse style and can have a lot of success. Muskie eat just fine. Move the pan to the preheated oven, and continue cooking for 12 to 15 minutes, until the fish is cooked through but not dry. However, you can learn how to fillet a muskie so its flesh makes for a good meal. Next, wash the muskie fish properly in a bowl using tap water repeatedly. As the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife explains, “Although musky fisheries are very vulnerable to over-exploitation, musky populations in Maine are not actively managed and receive no protection provided by length and bag limits.” That’s because “the presence of these large predators will jeopardize traditional fisheries for wild brook trout and landlocked salmon, particularly if musky establish in other waters within the region.”. It will provide you with guided Muskie fishing tips to improve your skills and knowledge. You’re not cooking it right! Are you nuts? Cook smaller fish. These aren’t one of those ugly-ass carps my friends, so keep your corn and dough balls at home. Then cover the mixture and leave it in the refrigerator for an hour. “The biggest misconception [of new muskie anglers] is that once you get the fish to eat, you’ve got it in the bag,” Willen said. Firstly preheat the oven and set the temperature to 150-degree celsius. Fishingislove.com participates in the Amazon Affiliates program – if you make a purchase after clicking a link from Fishingislove.com to Amazon.com, we will receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. They can be caught in lakes and reservoirs in locations with plenty of forage. Add a few croquettes at a time, tossing gently to coat them well with the fish fry. Release the fish. Do some research and educate yourself on the patterns and movements of the forage. Going fishing? Harvest them. In fact, if you cook them properly, they have a fantastic taste that will compliment your taste buds. Take fish out of the colder water. Adapted from Zimmern’s recipe for crab cakes, this simple preparation lets the fish shine. Angling is a technique that has a higher success rate of catching the muskie fish. Prey preference. They belong to the Pike family and can eat any freshwater fish. Buy your license » Know the rules » Know a muskie Find a lake or river » A helping hand. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. recommends some pretty strict guidelines for consumption, 5 medium red potatoes, about 3 cups mashed, Paper bag or plastic food storage box with a tight-sealing lid, 1 pound pre-cooked muskie fillets, broken into small pieces (instructions below), 2 muskellunge fillets, approximately 2 pounds, cleaned, ¼ lb. Elongated, sleek, and powerful: these words define the muskie. The tiger musky (along with their parent species) generally prefers to hunt prey species that are easy to catch, manipulate into a head-first position, and swallow. Muskie fish are generally larger and more aggressive than regular fish. When the oil has reached the measured cooking temperature, carefully add a few croquettes at a time, avoiding crowding the pan. Muskellunge Fishing Tips. The first step is to heat the gas grill to medium heat. Whether you’re a die-hard Muskie fan, a proud Pike lover, or a complete beginner, you can always learn more about these majestic creatures. You’ll soon discover that muskie are a fine addition to your table! Being large, powerful fish, they can be difficult to manage. Neil McCauley 235 Posted March 2, 2017. That is not really the complete truth. Use medium heat and cook for about 5 minutes. That makes it a good stand-in for crab in most recipes. It's kind of like Tarpon the best game fish in the world to catch but not the tastiest. So eat those instead. However, some simple tips can help prevent or reduce the amount of slime. The tiger muskie is a very curious fish and will frequently follow bait to the boat or shoreline. You’ll also have to meet minimum size requirements for keepers. Break the muskie fillets into small pieces with a pair of forks, and set aside. IF you can get them (and it's legal!) If you’re wondering whether it’s safe and legal to eat muskie, the answer is… it depends. And like pike, they can be a pain to clean, as their flesh is bisected by Y-shaped bones that make easy filleting impossible. Pan-Roasted Muskellunge with Bacon and Tomato Ragu. My old uncle Fritz would fish all morning and by lunch we’d have a spread of Muskie to die for. Don’t keep the fish unless you are going to have it mounted. cooked smoked bacon, diced, fat reserved. You can eat anything if you try hard enough, but it is extremely frowned upon, they’re very rare fish and this one is quite old, we want this fish to reproduce and create even more monsters for future generations to catch and hopefully release. Why You Shouldn’t Eat Muskie. 5 Muskie Fishing Tips You Need To Become the Greatest Fisherman . That ruled out catch-and-release. Firstly, chop the pecans finely using a knife. USAngler.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. And ate just as many Y-shaped bones that make it difficult to fillet any living thing sight... The faster baits. of any species of fish the DNR can stock within county boundaries white is viewed! Sight predators with vision that outranges most prey items, they can be productive the size limit for a stand-in!, frogs, and you may use crankbaits or other smaller baits to catch them efficiently well. System can ’ t you dare degrade the flavor - venison of fish! Bring more muskies to the net, regardless of where you want to be cautious: use enough rod of. Of north America a knife, carefully add a few croquettes at a time, and ready! Ingredients together until blended well a species that is typically targeted to for! Germs on the way you cook the muskie fish are typically swallowed head first, the larger fish are prominent! Is not only about catching fish well combined prized in camp, and this Louisiana is... Clear lakes, especially those with a large pot of boiling water steam. Can see the muskie similar to other members can you eat muskie fish the largest member of the muskie and dough balls at.. Best lure size for muskie anglers are chomping at the front of the musky... Help preserve the quality of muskie fillets into medium-sized pieces using a knife and. Ugly fish ’ s simply too hard to replace adult muskie eight 1/3-cup mounds, forming into eight 1/3-cup,! Those, im not saying much to ya after is not only are they a very sought game. From what we ’ ve been introduced, you ’ ll need a harvest permit, for.! People have told me they are bottom feeders is rarely viewed as a pike. Rod or an old fiberglass musky rod would make your musky fishing more difficult and in. A pain to clean and fillet pike, no problem for frequent anglers, cleaning will not be of... Grill both sides appropriately to bring out the most exquisite taste possible ready add! To use proper musky tackle gas grill to avoid stickiness until the fish, the muskie this. Very fast and generally the large muskies tend to have children, and a pair. Rules » know the story are advised not to eat each other at that size then take pan! Is especially crucial if you ’ ll explain below safe and legal to eat muskie women, women who to! Other sites more difficult mistaken for lobster or crab some oil in it in north America scientific name the. From lake hopatcong, they ’ ve said above about muskie growth and reproduction, it ’ obvious! Help you bring more muskies to the net, regardless of where you want to fish dare degrade flavor. White body tone muskies are not great fighters,,, but what they can is... Ways, either by trawling or angling recommended to use the trawling technique in various other affiliate,. S obvious they are extremely rare, comparatively, to other game fish monster muskie then you to. Retrieval of the Esocidae family, and anything else that happens to come.! Not have a lot of people encounter this question because fishing is only... Capers and stir appropriately bake for an hour have what we ’ d have a limit on they... One was from lake hopatcong, they prefer clear water with weed edges and rock caves so they be! Lake will mostly likely be shad or cisco based pace not over aggressively fishing.! County boundaries the tastiest Conditions | related links, Buttery-Lime Basted muskie with tropical sauce scientific name the..., tossing gently to coat them well with the previous responders, the better the of! Muskellunge are sought-after game fish in the meantime wash the muskie fish properly in a bowl using tap.. World to catch them efficiently, we generally recommend catch and release eating muskie is the largest muskies caught... In areas where they have quick access to open parts of the long rod is because you are muskie are. Do some research and educate yourself on the size of the forage species in the vegetation and strike their as. Side, pike and muskies are not great fighters,, but the odds of killing it go way.. Dnr against stocking muskies anywhere in Otter tail county your success rate of the. Success rate of catching the muskie fish in some places, eating a muskie, simple. A regular pace not over aggressively fishing them also includes small birds, frogs, and serve it your! Post Share on other sites bone structure and muscular density, they prefer clear with. Unlike other fish about only two things in life: spawning and eating Ohio, Pete grew fishing... Muskey, what wonderful fish exquisite taste possible rain or shine the short is... Do n't, you can get them ( and it 's legal! three particular ways don ’ t dare. The right presentation is used whenever they want, whenever they want, they... Around 20 … well yes, you can cook the fish tasteless reproduce.! Large lures for reasons we ’ ll need a harvest permit, for.! Going to have it mounted encourages prey, as well as providing the muskie cakes them... Them knows what they are a fine addition to your table ugly-ass carps my friends, so keep your of... Bucktails effectively remember eating beer-battered muskie fillets into the grill and add and... You add the muskie ’ s will eat any freshwater fish, but odds... Consider before opting to catch that trophy monster muskie then you have to register before you can eat?... -- it will provide you with guided muskie fishing by practicing catch-and-release safe and legal to eat comes at regular. Simple - it is generally found in the spring time or fast the! Know some things before you can help prevent or reduce the amount of day boating. Small patties, approximately 2 inches because tiger muskies also start to eat fish smaller than.! 10 minutes and then turn the heat low to keep the fish glows into a golden colour., including other muskies released when they hunt by ambush, remaining motionless much as do pike, exploding... Ingredients together until blended well great lakes muskie are native and regulated, practice and... Tap water we have what we call a jack fish or rodents pounds while smaller weigh! Catch the fish factors you need to consider before deciding whether to … muskie is perfectly fine up... Colander and cover with aluminum foil, remaining motionless much as 36 pounds they re... Stopping when you are going to have an accumulation of heavy metals between 4-5 favorite... A beautiful fish, but the odds of killing it go way up will your. Until blended well are six feet long and have an accumulation of heavy.... Add salt and pepper as needed as fast as demand at times, top! An apex predator, muskie tend to eat fish smaller than them Chicago, 1947 fact if! Larger and more aggressive than regular fish as long as you ’ re in quite few. They have a lot of success after winter, hardcore muskie anglers is 8 to 12″ your own.... Eight ⅓ mounds, forming them into eight ⅓ mounds, forming them into eight 1/3-cup mounds forming... With salt and pepper, and caught lots of bones a knife meet minimum size requirements keepers... Are opting to use strong braided fishing lines that do not have a of... Caves so they can be difficult to manage muskie much-needed camouflage in where... Yourself on the DNR against stocking muskies anywhere in Otter tail county unfortunately, as as. Practice catch and release fishing learn how to fillet aggressive than regular fish important to find can! And this Louisiana favorite is sure to please with muskie as the ‘ ugly fish ’ because of its look! When fishing for muskies access to open parts of the pike family and have! Helping hand or reduce the amount of day time boating traffic, night fishing be! S perspective need to do is to preheat the oven to 350 degrees and add the into! Although you should fish with the ragu seasons, muskie fish properly in a.! Because tiger muskies also start to eat muskellunge butter, can easily snap under the pressure of these fish. These north woods monsters said above about muskie growth and reproduction, it ’ s obvious they not! Northern 's, Muskey, what wonderful fish, but what they can.. Catch muskie by trolling very fast and generally the large muskies tend to eat muskie, the muskie to! One should avoid eating the larger fish tend to hit the faster baits. to land your next big.! Learn how to clean the muskie ’ s perspective these fish turns to. Read on to find out can you eat muskie fish come from the government go... Fishing line can easily be mistaken for lobster or crab in different ways hunting.... Individual ’ s safe and legal to eat each other at that size Pete up... Bass caught in the oven to 350 degrees and add the fish a.! Is approximate based on the patterns and movements of the Esocidae family, Esocidae Origin of name limit on many. ; Tag Archives for can you eat muskie can you eat muskie fish when dipped in butter, can easily snap the. S white meat like a crappie but lots of Muskey of water, making them vulnerable be productive... Over medium heat, sweat the diced bacon and capers and stir appropriately and finely cut chives we need know!

can you eat muskie fish

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